Our main line of business is issuing and acquiring all manner of bank cards, along with additional payment systems.


Our systems meet or exceed all current security standards mandated by relevant authorities.

We run 3D Secure systems with a Visa Pin Security Audit and Verified by Mastercard.

ISO / IEC 27001: Information Security Audit

PCI DSS Audit: a common security standard for Visa, Mastercard that reduces the risk of fraud

JCB VISA PIN Security: a test to verify the secure handling of PIN codes and encryption keys used to issue and accept bank cards



  • Development of integrated chip card systems (both traditional and contactless) that operate round the clock, every day of the year.
  • Management of bank card function: limit changes, overdraft, cancellation and termination, card replacement and PIN code changes. Services available for several currencies
  • Bank card traffic information

Bank card acceptance

The second largest card acquiring service in Hungary, EMPIRE manages tens of thousands of POS terminals and ATMs.

POS Terminals

We supply clients with physical and virtual POS terminals. We take care of programing, operation and software maintenance, and our experienced team of professionals help clients with the installation, training and online integration of terminals. Any bank or financial service - irrespective of size or location - is eligible. We offer customizable, unique solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, and card acquiring is possible in a wide variety of currencies. Specific data is supplied to clients according to requests; unwanted information is never sent.

  • Programming, operation and software maintenance of terminals, 24-7 central management
  • Clients can monitor transactions in the dedicated database, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Reliable, dedicated customer relationship system
  • Both portable and cashier-connected terminals


EMPIRE was the first company to successfully integrate SoftPOS, a mobile device-based POS system in Hungary. SoftPOS is helpful in the initial stages of rapid growth, as a placeholder until physical POS devices are obtained. This allows for quicker scaling.

Terminal Management System (TMS)

Life-cycle management of terminals with diagnostic support, remote key- and terminal software management.

  • Terminal parameter management and storage in database The database can be accessed through a browser, and new terminals are set up through the same web interface
  • Group parameter editing with the help of templates

Types of online terminal data available:
All data supplied in the preferred format defined by the commercial end user or client of the bank/financial service.

  • Terminal stats and history, terminal diary (data, ISO communication, declined transactions, system error troubleshooting brief, etc.)
  • Automated parameter downloads
  • Automatic terminal system updates

ATM operation, development, management

Empire monitors the entire life cycle of the ATMs it operates, from commissioning all the way to withdrawal from circulation.


The CMS is EMPIRE's own, in-house system. Any licenses and developments are our property. Our authorizations program is PowerZac.

The EMPIRE solutions packages are suitable for a vast array of client needs and types, from local banks to large conglomerates. The card management platform complies with international network rules and regulations and is able to process all kinds of card types, from loan, debit, credit and checking to prepaid or loyalty cards.

CMS Functions

  • Card life-cycle management (card orders, cancellations, renewals, terminations, etc.)
  • and management of card service
  • Card and account fees deductions, perks, special offers, etc.
  • Client branded interface, complete account system integration
  • Card chip profile management, PIN creation, card chip personalization
  • Online balance interface for the account management system
  • Online VISA and MasterCard contact
  • Fraud and chargeback management
  • ATM card acceptance, operation, supervision and system maintenance
  • POS terminal card acceptance (through proprietary POS terminal application with chip)
  • POS software development for Ingenico, PAX, Verifone, Next and others if needed
  • Supplemental ATM functions (mobile upload, PIN edit, utility bill payments and more)
  • Text message notification of transactions, etc.
  • User friendly web interface

The comprehensive back-end acquiring prepared for data processing is a modular, multi-currency, multilingual, PCI DSS certified and integrated backload management system. Additionally, end-to-end data processing through the EMPIRE high-performance network instantly collects payments from all major credit and debit cards, regardless of whether the payment was made online or at the point of purchase.


Bulk Text Message Service

We offer our bulk text message service to our clients at unmatched prices, owing to our longstanding relationship with Hungarian mobile providers.

MOBILE Parking

Our proprietary mobile parking payment system, created in 2006, has completed millions of successful transactions since its inception. This system of mobile payments was, at the time of its creation, unique in the world, and has allowed Hungary to have the highest percentage of customers of mobile payment parking - over 80% of all payments made - anywhere in the world.

The system is tethered to mobile phone bills or debit card balance, requires no registration and relies solely on the sending of a text message to a phone number, the last digits of which are made up of the zip code and internal area number of the location. Our ties with Hungarian telecommunications providers available in the country (Telekom, Vodafone, Telenor) as well as the two leading financial institutes (OTP Bank, Erste Bank) integrated the mobile payment solution seamlessly.

We have since branched out into the world of finance, and though that has over time become our focus, we still provide gated parking to a number of cities in Hungary.