Founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2006, EMPIRE is unique in its field as a full-service, boutique front-end payment processor. We develop and provide technological infrastructure and innovative payment solutions to financial institutes, banks, companies and government institutions. In this arena, we are set apart from our often multinational, corporate competition in the kind of service we provide and our competitive and flexible pricing, customized to the needs of each client.

EMPIRE combines efficient, robust and proven IT systems with professional, friendly people: A hands-on, personal approach makes for a client-focused business model, and our team of highly skilled experts bring decades of experience in a variety of fields to the table. Having everything under one roof - from servers to management - allows us to operate a safe, reliable and unbeholden business. The EMPIRE headquarters are crucial to our success. A palatial art nouveau edifice built in 1909, our offices sit on a leafy boulevard in the embassy quarter that looks almost like it did a hundred years ago. This is the heart of our business. The erstwhile seat of an ethylene lamp factory, the building represents everything we wish for our brand to embody: a respect for heritage, love of tradition, a relentless drive towards innovation and an unflinching dedication to a bespoke, hand-crafted product.

That is the kind of empire worth building. One based on trust, quality and personal responsibility. And that's why the shareholders of this company sit in the manager's chairs, in offices with their name on the door. We're here; you can come talk to us. EMPIRE is not a corporate, sterile machine, but a hands-on, old fashioned business. We take pride in an artisanal approach - even in financial tech.

EMPIRE. Build yours on ours.